SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
 1. In 1960 Alpine Peat Enterprises Ltd Alberta was established; supplying horticultural peat for the North American Market

 2. The Alpine Founding Group was composed of sustainability Engineers, Foresters, and, Oil Industry Technologists

3. In the ensuing years there evolved a series of harvesting and production intellectual protocols with international applications

4. Additionally, Alpine Leaders established ongoing regulatory dialogue with seven provincial and federal authorities

5. The technological expertise developed by Alpine established several international seminars in Europe and South America

6. Further, Alpine established Asian marketplace opportunities for the exporting of horticultural peat and forestry products

7. In 1975 ER Goodwin formed Canadian Biomass Energy Corporation (CBEC); and, proceeded to purchase Alpine Peat

8. RC Goodwin retired from Chevron in 1979; joining the CBEC Group; now including the Capital Corp And Consultants Limited

9. RA van Pelt joined the Canadian Biomass Capital Corporation as VP in 1989; and, was stationed in European capital centres

10. CBEC Group now concentrated on developing its SVS-IHHI Trigeneration Bio-Cell sustainable energy portfolios in Canada
11. Collaborations with several university department scholars regarding climate change created the CBEC SVS-IHHI template

12. Macro SVS-IHHI Trigen Capitalization was secured in the European finance sectors by CBCC VP  Mister van Pelt in 1990

13. Each 30-Megawatt SVS-IHHI required $150-M USD to finance the three sectors : Electricity – Greenhouses – R&D Centre

14. By September, 1990, CBEC Group had secured  four 25-Year provincial Power Purchase & / or Allocation Agreements

15. Energy Resource Assets ($7-B) and the PPAs ($7-B) assignments secured CBEC’s $525-M USD Debt Capital Financing

16. In 1995, Gaiawatts Enterprises Limited acquired all of the intellectual property rights held by the CBEC Group Of Companies

17. Ralph Charles (RC) Goodwin is the majority stakeholder of Gaiawatts (now doing business as Gaiawatts Formations)
18. (1995 – 2019) Gaiawatts maximized the SVS-IHHI economic opportunities through First Nations joint venture agreements

19. (2018) Goodwin & van Pelt incorporated Indigen Commerce Group Ltd Canada; Goodwin licences SVSIHHI to ICG Canada As SQYX
20. Today, ICG Ltd Canada provides SVS-IHHI Master Services Agreements (MSA) to domestic & international Host territories in a matrix of energy, real estate, health care services & air port developments; in conjunction with the STT PHT Finance Centre : All Via DePlan
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